Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Home Sweet Home

The last couple of days I've been sick and preparing for school, so I haven't quite been able to get to this blog. But here I am and ready to go.

So Sunday was the day we went to go visit Independence Hall and see the Liberty Bell. It was really amazing to see such a piece of history of the country. We took a short tour of the hall, walked through the exhibit for the Liberty Bell, and we even see horse-driven carriages around the site.
The Liberty Bell!!!

Once noon began rolling around we all went to the Reading Terminal market for food and walking around. We ended up splitting into pairs and meeting back in an hour. There was so many options for good food in the market, and a lot of it was sweets. 

Once we had left the market, we went to the house where the Declaration of Independence was aired and then we visited Ben Franklin's grave before heading to the airport. It was almost haunting to see Franklin's grave because of how long he's been gone and the effect he had on the history of America. It's like meeting a celebrity honestly.

The flights home where long and boring honestly. I was too tired to really talk to anyone, but there was a really cool cat on the plane from Philadelphia from Chicago. She was a Norwegian Forest Cat named Kasey and her owner's name was Jim. She was surprisingly well at handling plane flights for a cat.

Once we had finally landed in San Francisco I was so glad to be able to breathe that California air again and not be bogged down by the humidity. After we had gotten on the shuttle and arrived at El Cerrito High School, we reunited with our families again and headed home. 
Reuniting with my family. :)


  1. Welcome home, Maddie. I'm so glad you were able to be a part of the ILC this year.

  2. I love this picture of you and your dad and your sister.

  3. Doesn't the photographer get some credit for having taken it? :-)